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Mr. Tomlin has been having shows and exhibiting his work here in Detroit,  Philadelphia and in New York  since 1973.  He specializes in portraiture and individual portraits of you and your family are available. 

Please contact Mr. Reginald Tomlin for details.



"I have always considered my art and my life as one source.  I knew I wanted to be an artist before I even knew what the word meant. I can remember as a child my mother giving me my first coloring book.  I can remember being so excited by the colors of the crayons - that influences my work, I think, even to this day.  Outside employment or events that are non-artistic have always formed my art as well, being that my work has realistic subject matter - subjects taken from my own life and surroundings.

As I wrote earlier, I consider my art and my life as one.  My mature influences have come from great masters such as Degas and Vermeer.  I admire Degas for his great draughtsmanship, which I feel is paramount.  I love Vermeer's use of subject matter, color and also great draughtsmanship.  The materials I use are chiefly pencil for my drawings and egg tempera for my paintings.  I love pencil for its directness and simplicity.  For my paintings I embrace egg tempera for its color and its kindness to artists who love to draw and tackle technical challenges, as I do. 

Besides five years I lived in Pennsylvania I have spent my life in Detroit, Michigan.  I was born and raised and graduated from art school in Detroit.  Art school ws important to me; it made being an artist, to my mind, a real possibility.  Being in an artistic environment helped to mold my art, making it a reality....a reality that has given my life value and significance over the years."     
Robert L. Tomlin




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